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NACC Paper on Improved Airport Lighting Standard

Strengthening the Viability, Growth and Safety of Community Airports in Alberta

SNOWTAM and NAV CANADA NOTAM Procedures Manual

Chair Doug Mark of Grande Prairie Airport has advised that communication from Transport Canada, Aerodrome Standards advises airports are to continue to report pavement surface conditions the way they have been in the past.

The NAV CANADA NOTAM Procedures Manual update describes some new methodology which is not currently in use and which has not been promoted by Transport Canada at this point.

The changes that are described by NAV CANADA supporting the NAV CANADA SNOWTAM wizard will appear in the next few years but airport operators are not required to comply at this time. Transport Canada and NAV CANADA officials are working together to resolve this timing issue, but in the meantime there has been confusion on the implementation of the new procedures/terminology. Until further advised the procedures for reporting Airport Movement Surface Condition Reporting (AMSCR) and Canadian Runway Friction Index (CRFI) will remain the same.